Acquiring my first digital badge for LSC531

I have just completed my first ever Storify for this class.  It was based on one key idea, “Young Adults Can Become Authorities”, which I learned from reading “Trusting the Internet: New Approaches to Credibility” by David Lankes. It took me some time to figure out how to frame my points using this tool, but once I got the hang of it, it was very fun!  I kept trying to show my children because I think it is a very cool tool to use for their own assignments in school.  During this mini-project, I also learned about Digital Badges. I used many different elements – tweets from classmates, YouTube, and images, to create my Storify, and attempted to use Instagram. Much to my 13 year son’s dismay, I practiced posting to my Instagram account by posting a photo of him.  I do have an account, but hardly use it.  I mostly use it to keep tabs on my children; like many teens they both utilize Instagram quite a bit.   Please click on my link below to see my Storify –




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