Annotating…A Great Way to Learn, Question and Share Ideas!

This week we were asked to annotate one of the articles we read for class.  I downloaded the PC version and found the tool fun to use.   It was very intuitive but some of the tools did not make sense to me, like having to spend time making a cloud shape and then figuring out how to put text into it.  Takes too much extra time.   I have used similar tools within adobe such as the highlighting tool, but I found this to be much better because there were more tools to utilize.  I typically use Evernote or hand write out notes on paper when reading an electronic journal article.  I can see how this would be a great tool for collaboration and most likely this is where the shape usage might come in handy?  I really liked the ability to include a link to another article (or internet article)!  Linking to another allows another reader to see the connection.   I still like writing out my own notes. It helps to retain the reading more and comprehend more of the material.  By writing your own notes, I feel at least, you can put more into your own words.  Lastly, because I actually read this entire article and wrote out my notes first, and then went back to annotate, I think I missed some opportunities to annotate items the second time around.

LSC531 Annotation Assignment



Coiro, J. & Dobler, E. (2007). Exploring the online reading comprehension strategies used by 6th grade skilled readers to search for and locate information on the Internet. Reading Research Quarterly 42(2), 214 – 257.

Hicks, T. (2012). Reading and writing e-books and immersive texts. Digital Is. National Writing Project.


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